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Worries.. Worries.. Worries..

  • Worried about the admission of your kid?
  • No idea about the playschools available near home?
  • Can’t manage time and visit the playschools for scrutiny...
  • Simply relying on other’s opinions for playschool selection ...
  • Download Baby-Huts and your playschool search ends......
  • You can find all the playschools around a vicinity of 5 Kms radius from the point where you are standing, listed on our application.
  • Yes, it is that easy to locate a playschool from your home…that too on your mobile phone!

Confusion.. Confusion.. Confusion..

Confused about the play school to opt for, looking at the list?

Choose the playschool for your kid looking at the features, address, facilities, fees structure, pictures of the play school along with the director’s message in text or video format.

In short, scrutinize the play schools sitting back home on your smart phone, without calling or visiting.

Yes, it is that easy with The Baby-Huts Application!

Solution.. Solution.. Solution

Take admission through our application by filling up a simple admission form without actually standing in the queue, also pay fees for the consecutive months or pay quarterly , half yearly or yearly fees, and convert them into EMIs talking to the service providing bank by paying it through your credit card!

What more….You can rent toys for your kids through our application and get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassle!

Usually, it is observed that kids are attracted to different kinds of toys every now and then and it is not possible to buy them. Even if you buy them, they play with the toys for few days and then they loose interest and start ignoring them. The unused toys start to clutter at your living space!

Instead, you rent the toys through our application by browsing through the library consisting of wide range of Toys, Educational Games, CDs and many more! Return them back once your child is fully satisfied playing with them!

This will help you to try the toys before buying them as per the suitability and likings of the child!

Isn’t it a lovely way to solve toy cluttering at living space, fulfillment of your child’s toy desire at the same time save your pocket!

Happiness All Around

We, as a team look forward to solve the playschool search related problems for your children through our mobile application Baby-Huts.

We continuously look forward to make your life easy for admission or fees payment related problems for your children.

You can browse through our "Eagle Eye" feature to Live monitor your child while you child is at playschool just by downloading and subscribing to it!

So just download the application and feel the Magic!


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